What is the One Source of All Emotional Pain?


We’ve all experienced pain. We’ve fallen. Our stomach didn’t like something we ate. We accidentally cut ourselves. It hurt! And generally, depending on the cause and the severity of the damage, it normally healed in a few days, weeks, or months. A MORE STUBBORN PAIN We’ve all experienced another kind of pain, too. It is…

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How to Avoid the Most Organic Way to Fail


We didn’t intend to fail, but we did it again. My husband and I will be spending a long weekend in the garage. No, that’s not our version of being in the “dog house,” but it might as well be. WE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE At least once a year we look at each other and…

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How to Reclaim Life After Disappointments

In a recent blog post we talked about disappointments —what they are and why it’s so important that we don’t get stuck in them. Today we’ll look at how to go about moving past all the very real and painful emotions brought on by unfulfilled expectations. If you missed that original conversation, you can read…

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Is Your life like Pin the Tail on the Donkey?

Remember when life was simpler? For most of us, childhood held a lot of golden moments. Yeah, there was some rough stuff, too—maybe painful, life changing stuff, but today I’m thinking about the good times. Remember playing outside until dusk on those long summer days? . . . the luxury of curling up with a…

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A Sure Way to Still the Fear

Are there waves of fear crashing on your beach? That’s the best way I can think to describe those times when the lulling rhythm of life is interrupted by gripping anxiety. Do you know what I’m talking about? Almost anything can bring it on—the recent election, children that are late coming home, big bills or…

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