The Blessing of Beginnings, Endings and a New Day

New Day

Have you ever considered what an awesome blessing there is in a new day? The dawning of the sun heralds not only another day, but a new start, a fresh slate, and renewed hope. GOD KNEW THAT WE’D NEED BREATHERS AND RESTARTS It’s interesting to me that the first thing the Bible records God doing…

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Is He acting out MORE just to punish ME?

acting out

Sometimes we wrongly accept the blame for our husband’s acting out. Maybe you’ve even been told it’s your fault because you’ve put on weight, let yourself go, or haven’t felt like “pleasuring” him lately. It’s not unusual to get sucked into that rationale and begin to feel like it really is your fault. But, as…

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I’m so DONE with this—I just can’t do it anymore!


I’ve been working with the spouses of sex addicts since 2003. Time and time again I’ve heard wives say “I’m done — I just can’t live with his behaviors a minute longer!” I totally understand their frustration I’ve been there myself. The first time was just weeks before Bruce and I were to be married.…

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Are You the Victim of a Really Bad Solution?

bad solution

EVERYONE is going to get hurt at some point in their life. You can count on it. The way we choose to deal with the pain it causes will either bring us freedom or create a prison. Unfortunately, what seems to be the “logical” way to deal with it is actually a very bad solution.…

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The Simple Secrets of a Successful Recovery


Whether you’re the struggler or the spouse, addiction recovery can easily become overwhelming. There seems to be so much to learn; so much to do; so much to feel. It can often be a long process for both of you. Few people realize that most of the work that needs to be done is centered…

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