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Have you ever wondered how you husband became addicted or what goes on in his mind? Do you wonder how he can say he loves you and do the things he does? Are you fed up with his hollow promises and callous attitudes?

Although my husband had a lot of recovery under his belt by the time I met him, he still had numerous slips and relapses in the early years of our marriage. There were so many times that I wished I could just crack open his skull and take a peak at whatever was going on in that brain of his. I was desperate to know if he was really serious about recovery, or if he was just getting more skilled at hiding his behaviors from me.

Once he found true and lasting freedom, I had the unique opportunity to read the journals he had kept throughout his recovery journey and discuss, at length, the battle that had been waging within his own heart and mind during all those years of struggling. I began to understand how a series of seemingly unrelated experiences had made him particularly vulnerable to sexual addiction. I heard, in his own words, the torment that he had lived with as the addiction gained a stronger and stronger hold over him. I saw the sadness in his eyes when he talked about how much he regretted the pain he had caused those he loved.

My husband and I, have now been counseling sex addicts and their spouses since 2002, As we’ve helped them explore their own stories, I’ve discovered that my husband’s thoughts and experiences were not all that unique. Some of them may even be familiar to your loved one.

In our book, Now Choose Life! we share my husband’s story —our story. It’s a down-to-earth account about regular people who, in all their brokenness and imperfection find their way out of the private hell of sexual addiction. It illustrates, in very practical terms, the process of true recovery with all its ups and downs, and how even the most tenuous Christian can learn to partner with God to find and heal the wounds that created and fuel their addictive behaviors.

This is a story of lasting victory—not just for us—but for all who choose to embark on the journey to take their lives back from the enemy’s grip.

Now Choose Life! is available from Amazon – just click here. You will also be able to read excerpts from the book using the Amazon “look inside” feature.

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