Why Did We Decide to Write Our Books?

As we began to work with sexual addicts and their spouses over a decade ago, we quickly became frustrated by a lot of the “help” materials that were available. Most of them fell into one of four categories:

CLINICAL – They described what sexual addiction was, but never provided any indication of what could be done about it

SPIRITUAL – They proclaimed that it was wrong and instructed you on how God expected you to be behaving, but not how to change.

HOPELESS – They did a great job of describing how awful it felt to be a struggler or their spouse, but never showed a way out.

SIMPLISTIC – They promoted some sort of easy fix with their “you just need to do thus and so” message.

Some were interesting— even a little helpful—but very few of them seemed to address the majority of the questions our clients were asking: “How did I end up in this situation?” “Is there any hope?” “Why is recovery taking so long?” “What about my needs?” The books we have written seek to answer these questions (and many, many more) using illustrations from our own experiences and simple, easy-to-understand formats.

Currently available:

Now Choose Life! provides a deeper understanding of sexual addiction and the path to lasting freedom.


When Sex Causes Heartbreak – answers 50 of the most common questions spouses ask.

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