Does Your Heart Cry Out, “What About ME?”

Learning that someone you love is involved in sexual misconduct is heart-breaking and confusing. An estimated 30-40% of Christian men struggle with some sort of sexual compulsion or addiction that is negatively effecting their lives. Thankfully, there are an increasing number of recovery options available to them.

And yet . . . the awkwardness, shame and rampant misconceptions surrounding this topic still make it difficult for their loved ones to find solid, helpful answers to their questions and the ongoing support they need.

Life More Abundant Network is committed not only to helping the struggler, but also providing education, encouragement and empowerment to the spouses, girlfriends and extended family of the addict.

Join With the Other Partners on the Journey

It doesn’t matter whether you only recently found out about your partner’s struggle, or if you’ve been dealing with his behaviors for decades . . . loving someone battling with sexual compulsions is definitely a rough and lonely road.

Recovery from sexual addiction is rarely quick. There are ups and downs. Sometimes things look hopeful, sometimes not so much. Through all of is spouses need a safe place to share their frustration, gain understanding and work through the pain and damage their husband’s addiction has caused them.  They need a guide to show them way and cheerleaders to walk with them and help lighten the load when the going gets rough. If YOU are on this road with us, you likely need someone to share the journey with you, as well.

Life More Abundant Network offers a number of programs and resources that may be helpful to you as you seek to move forward:

• The Partners on the Journey site is a safe place for you to come, to read, to learn and to connect with others that are going through exactly what you are going through right now.

• If you live in Northwest Washington state, we have spouse’s support groups to help further your connection and support.

• Later this fall we hope to be able to introduce a SECRET members-only Facebook group where you can “chat” with and get to know some of the other spouses in a confidential and private setting.

You don’t have to feel alone anymore.

And . . .There’s Much More to Come!

The blog is just a small part of our future plans for the Partners on the Journey support community. We’ll be adding many more new features and help resources in the months and years to come. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor. Your input along the way can help us make this a special place that will provide the education, encouragement and empowerment that has been missing for so many women—maybe even for you!

Read more about Partners on the Journey:  Support Groups >

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