Your husband CAN have complete freedom from pornography, affairs and other sexual sin

With an estimated quarter to a half of Christian men struggling with pornography, affairs, sexual fantasies or fetishes or some other type of sexual compulsion this is a HUGE and growing problem in our communities AND our churches.

One of the problems is that most strugglers believe that they are uniquely sinful, inherently flawed or “just made that way” and there is nothing they can do about it. The more often that they have tried to stop  . . . and failed . . . the more convinced they are that they are absolutely powerless to change.

But, with God, ALL things are possible — even complete healing.
We KNOW, because we’ve seen it, time and time again!

It takes more than just praying (although prayer is essential). It takes more than just trying harder or being stronger, but with the right help and support it is DEFINITELY possible, no matter how many times your husband has failed or how far the cycle of destruction has taken him.

Life More Abundant Network has another blog just for those who are struggling:

When the time is right, you may want to direct him to Choosing Life; Finding Freedom. With over 250 blog posts in a variety of categories . . .

• Breaking Free
• Understanding Addiction
• Tools for Recovery
• Dealing with Porn, Affairs & Sex
• Eliminating Obstacles
• Encouragement
• Finding Support
• Rebuilding Life & Relationships

 . . . and a brand new post being added every week, he is bound to find something that will help him on his journey to healing.

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