The Unexpected Connection that Shatters a 50 Year Belief


Have you ever heard of “six degrees of separation?” It speaks to the high level of connection we have we others on this planet.  It is the basic premise that everyone in the world is six steps or less from every other person. THE RESEARCH There have been many interesting studies relating to this theory.…

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How to Help the Truth Stick in Their Hearts


Do you ever get frustrated because your husband can’t seem to hold on to the truth that will free him from his addiction? All around you people are finding freedom, but, at home, every hint of progress seems to quickly evaporate. Why can’t he get it? It’s certainly not because he’s dumber, lazier, weaker, or…

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Is He acting out MORE just to punish ME?

acting out

Sometimes we wrongly accept the blame for our husband’s acting out. Maybe you’ve even been told it’s your fault because you’ve put on weight, let yourself go, or haven’t felt like “pleasuring” him lately. It’s not unusual to get sucked into that rationale and begin to feel like it really is your fault. But, as…

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The Simple Secrets of a Successful Recovery


Whether you’re the struggler or the spouse, addiction recovery can easily become overwhelming. There seems to be so much to learn; so much to do; so much to feel. It can often be a long process for both of you. Few people realize that most of the work that needs to be done is centered…

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3 BIG Relapse Flags You Need to be Aware Of


Relapse happens From time to time my husband and I will have an old client call out of the blue to make an appointment with us. Unfortunately, they rarely call because they just want to tell us how great they’re doing—it’s usually because of a relapse. The scenario is almost always the same. They arrive.…

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