I’m so DONE with this—I just can’t do it anymore!


I’ve been working with the spouses of sex addicts since 2003. Time and time again I’ve heard wives say “I’m done — I just can’t live with his behaviors a minute longer!” I totally understand their frustration I’ve been there myself. The first time was just weeks before Bruce and I were to be married.…

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Are You the Victim of a Really Bad Solution?

bad solution

EVERYONE is going to get hurt at some point in their life. You can count on it. The way we choose to deal with the pain it causes will either bring us freedom or create a prison. Unfortunately, what seems to be the “logical” way to deal with it is actually a very bad solution.…

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The 5 Things I Hope You NEVER Forget

repeating something often will help us never forget

We all have things we will probably never forget: maybe it’s that locker combination from 7th grade; or the phone number your family had when you were growing up; or maybe it was how humiliated you felt when you tripped and everyone in the room laughed at you. Those things are indelibly imprinted in our…

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How to Get Practical Solutions from a Simple Prayer


Prayer. I used to think I sucked at it. Yeah, sometimes I would get an obvious answer, but so often my prayers felt like they were bouncing off the ceiling—going nowhere. Was the silence a “No”, a “not yet” or was God just plain not listening? Sometimes I would resort to old legalistic thinking to…

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A Simple Trick that Will Help Relieve Stress

breathing can reduce stress

Stress is just about as common as brown eyes in our country. In a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association, 1 in 4 American adults reported that they have been experiencing long-term chronic stress. Most of the rest of us admit to encountering “situational” stress on a pretty regular basis. With all you…

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