How to Draw a Line in the Sand with Narcissists and Addicts

A line in the sand

“Hey, wait!”  you may be saying. “After reading the last few blog posts I get the importance of establishing boundaries, but you just don’t understand who I’m dealing with!” How do you draw a line in the sand when you’re dealing with someone who only cares about themselves. ISN’T THAT THE DEFINITION OF NARCISSIST? It’s…

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How to Build Boundaries that Empower YOU

Setting boundaries is a challenge for most of us. We have lots of fears about standing up to people and asking for what we need. It may feel selfish, demanding or just plain scary.  So, why bother? Check out our earlier blog 5 Reasons You Need to Build Stronger Boundaries NOW! to read more about…

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5 Reasons You Need to Build Stronger Boundaries NOW!


Boundaries. They’ve been a hot topic for years, and yet, few people have actually “nailed” the art of boundary setting. What are boundaries, anyway? Do YOU have them? Are they strong enough? What will happen if they’re too weak? And if they’re non-existent, where and how do you start to establish them? It’s a big…

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How Can You Survive in the Never-ending Valley?

We all encounter valley experiences—those times when life is dark and really hard to navigate. Usually we just grit our teeth and hang on hoping we’ll soon come out the other side. But, how can we continue to survive when that valley seems to stretch out as far as the eye can see? How do…

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Who in the World Holds the Key to your Happiness?

Where are you on the happiness scale? Do the days that you experience joy and happiness outnumber the days you feel sad, depressed or overwhelmed? Or are those happy days a little few and far between lately? Admittedly, life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned. Sometimes it’s hard not to get just a…

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