What Special Treasures Will This New Year Hold?

New year treasure

2018. A new year. A fresh start. Or as a quote on Facebook suggested—”the first blank pages of a 365 page book.” No matter what’s gone on before, or even what your situation is now, you have a chance to write a different story. IT’S UP TO YOU THIS can be the year that you…

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What can you do when being thankful feels like a chore?


We’ve all had times when gratitude and praise bubbles out of our hearts with little effort. Life is good and we feel very, very blessed. But, there are other times when being thankful doesn’t come quite so easy. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says it is God’s will that we give thanks.  But what if you’re having…

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How Many Lies are You Willingly Accepting?


Satan regularly hand-delivers lies created especially with us in mind. His daggers are forged to take advantage of our biggest fears and personal vulnerabilities. Sometimes he sends them through friends and family. Other times they pop into our minds, seemingly out of nowhere. Unfortunately, we’re so used to them, we often welcome them as if…

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How Your Best Thinking Can Make You Blind


We all have a thinking problem. Even those of us who feel we have an open mind, have trouble seeing things as they really are. The phenomenon that so often gets in the way of our being able to see the truth is called confirmation bias. It’s our natural tendency to look for data that…

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The Blessing of Beginnings, Endings and a New Day

New Day

Have you ever considered what an awesome blessing there is in a new day? The dawning of the sun heralds not only another day, but a new start, a fresh slate, and renewed hope. GOD KNEW THAT WE’D NEED BREATHERS AND RESTARTS It’s interesting to me that the first thing the Bible records God doing…

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