How to Help the Truth Stick in Their Hearts


Do you ever get frustrated because your husband can’t seem to hold on to the truth that will free him from his addiction? All around you people are finding freedom, but, at home, every hint of progress seems to quickly evaporate. Why can’t he get it? It’s certainly not because he’s dumber, lazier, weaker, or…

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How Can You Survive in the Never-ending Valley?

We all encounter valley experiences—those times when life is dark and really hard to navigate. Usually we just grit our teeth and hang on hoping we’ll soon come out the other side. But, how can we continue to survive when that valley seems to stretch out as far as the eye can see? How do…

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Who in the World Holds the Key to your Happiness?

Where are you on the happiness scale? Do the days that you experience joy and happiness outnumber the days you feel sad, depressed or overwhelmed? Or are those happy days a little few and far between lately? Admittedly, life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned. Sometimes it’s hard not to get just a…

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How to Avoid the Most Organic Way to Fail


We didn’t intend to fail, but we did it again. My husband and I will be spending a long weekend in the garage. No, that’s not our version of being in the “dog house,” but it might as well be. WE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE At least once a year we look at each other and…

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How Your Best Thinking Can Make You Blind


We all have a thinking problem. Even those of us who feel we have an open mind, have trouble seeing things as they really are. The phenomenon that so often gets in the way of our being able to see the truth is called confirmation bias. It’s our natural tendency to look for data that…

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