What can you do when being thankful feels like a chore?


We’ve all had times when gratitude and praise bubbles out of our hearts with little effort. Life is good and we feel very, very blessed. But, there are other times when being thankful doesn’t come quite so easy. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says it is God’s will that we give thanks.  But what if you’re having…

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How to Draw a Line in the Sand with Narcissists and Addicts

A line in the sand

“Hey, wait!”  you may be saying. “After reading the last few blog posts I get the importance of establishing boundaries, but you just don’t understand who I’m dealing with!” How do you draw a line in the sand when you’re dealing with someone who only cares about themselves. ISN’T THAT THE DEFINITION OF NARCISSIST? It’s…

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How to Build Boundaries that Empower YOU

Setting boundaries is a challenge for most of us. We have lots of fears about standing up to people and asking for what we need. It may feel selfish, demanding or just plain scary.  So, why bother? Check out our earlier blog 5 Reasons You Need to Build Stronger Boundaries NOW! to read more about…

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5 Reasons You Need to Build Stronger Boundaries NOW!


Boundaries. They’ve been a hot topic for years, and yet, few people have actually “nailed” the art of boundary setting. What are boundaries, anyway? Do YOU have them? Are they strong enough? What will happen if they’re too weak? And if they’re non-existent, where and how do you start to establish them? It’s a big…

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How Many Lies are You Willingly Accepting?


Satan regularly hand-delivers lies created especially with us in mind. His daggers are forged to take advantage of our biggest fears and personal vulnerabilities. Sometimes he sends them through friends and family. Other times they pop into our minds, seemingly out of nowhere. Unfortunately, we’re so used to them, we often welcome them as if…

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