We’re Bruce and Janet Wheeler

We are Christian sexual addiction specialists that offer individuals struggling with unwanted sexual compulsions, and their families, the encouragement, practical tools, deeper understanding and guidance that will spur them toward healing, freedom, self-respect and satisfying connections with family, community and church. Since we first began leading recovery groups in 2002, we have had the honor of watching many lives being changed and marriages restored.

In addition to counseling and recovery groups for both strugglers and their spouses, we have published two books on the subject, as well as an inspirational and educational blog for strugglers; Choosing Life, Finding Freedom.


The Sisterhood of the Lonely Road blog and other Partners on the Journey programs and materials offer education, encouragement and empowerment for all women who are trying to negotiate the rough road of dealing with their spouse or other loved one’s addiction to porn, affairs or other sexual compulsions.

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